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Disc-Lock's superior vibration-proof fastening systems are used in a wide variety of industries worldwide from trucks and trailers to mining equipment and from rail engineering to heavy equipment manufacturing.

The Disc-Lock System

The Disc-Lock Europesystem underpins a range of vibration proof and heavy-duty structural locking devices recommended for the most stressful applications from washers to locking nuts and beyond.

The Disc-Lock Europesystem is a simple one.

Disc-Lock Europefasteners consist of two pieces with rising, interlocking cams, whose angle is greater than the pitch of the thread on the bolt.

As the fastener attempts to rotate loose, whether it is a washer or nut, the interlocking cams rise against each other to create a wedging effect which locks the assembly, thereby maintaining the tension in the fastener as well as joint integrity.

The result is a fastening system that is vibration proof according to Military Standards.  (United States Military MIL-STD-1312, Vibration Test 7. Test Results data available upon request.)

Once applied and installed correctly the Disc-Lock Europefastener will remain secure and will ensure that nuts and bolts do not require tightening

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